Nancy Kerr, BBC Folk Singer of the Year 2015,
talks about the inception and creation of her new album Instar in our three insightful promos:
1.0 - Instar: Watch here.
2.0 - Crow's Wing: Watch here.
3.0 - Fragile Water: Watch here.
First Official Image from Frontier Media's production of Seven Notes - the new music video conceived & directed by João Paulo Simões for Nancy Kerr;
And an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the upcoming music video - beautifully captured by James Fagan;
Sahra Xafsa Ahmed
and Kaltum Osman-Rivers
from Durbaan Dumar
with João Paulo Simões
from Frontier Media
at the world premiere of
Secret Women's Business
Secret Women's Business - Watch it Online Here
Angelina Abel photographed by João Paulo Simões
"My Roots, My Family, My Soul" by Angelina Abel
Frontier Media Behind-The-Scenes
Launching the project at Cinemateca Portuguesa
Watch the RTP Video Here:
First Official Image from the documentary Secret Women's Business
a Frontier Media production for the Durbaan Association
The Vault is Now Unlocked - Visit Here
Our gift to David Lynch
"Excellent. Mysterious. Inconclusive. Lynchian." - Walter Murch
Frontier Media is proud to present:
Catarina Furtado in the upcoming promotional video
for the feature-length project Time & Ten Women.
Preview Clip from Morning Interim
Watch here.
Official Images from Gingerbread 
The cinematic music video conceived & directed by 
João Paulo Simões 
for Nancy Kerr (BBC Folk Singer of The Year 2015)
Behind-the-scenes of Gingerbread
The supernatural road movie music video for
Nancy Kerr
Transmitting Musical Heritage: Legacy - Watch Here.